PLUS Hyaluron Pen MED Studio Set

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The Studio Set HyaluronPen MED contains the following products: - Device set "HyaluronPen... more
Product information "PLUS Hyaluron Pen MED Studio Set"

The Studio Set HyaluronPen MED contains the following products:

- Device set "HyaluronPen MED" incl. accessories

- Premium Light Line + Hyaluron in the pre-filled syringe, 2ml
- Premium Smooth Line ++ Hyaluron in the pre-filled syringe, 2ml
- Premium Fine Line +++ Hyaluron in the pre-filled syringe, 2ml

- HYA Pen dosage chamber 5 pcs.
- Skin marking pen, sterile. 1 pc
- Derma ointment, 8 pcs
- Cutasept, skin disinfectant, 50ml in the 'spray bottle'
- spatula sticks, 30 pcs
- advertising flyer, 50 pcs

The DermaPen Infiltrations method achieves a lasting smoothing of
wrinkles in the face, neck, décolleté, back of the hand and lip volume - without
needles or syringes!

By pressure-mediated opening of the skin pore hyaluron is
into the
upper skin layers - without invasive intervention. Smooth
hyaluron from Contoura Derm is distributed, stabilized
hyaluron supports the skin from the inside out.

The DermaPen Infiltrations Method is a needle-free treatment for the
administration of Hyaluron Dermal Fillers in the skin
. (Using the

same technology already successfully used for the administration of insulin and
dental anesthesia - the DIP Pen) The DermaPen device
has a spring mechanism that releases the Hyaluron into the skin.
Hyaluron is introduced into the skin
by pressure (up to 800 km/h) in the multi-shot process
, where the Hyaluron Dermal Filler is deposited

fine line wrinkles
and create lip volume.

The use of the needle-free infiltration system DIP is not very painful, as the
skin is only penetrated by a very fine pressure jet. This form of
treatment is suitable for all those who are afraid and painful when
using needles."

The durability of the treatment depends on the degree of stabilisation of the
hyaluron and is indicated after the creation of a depot with 3-9 months (
2 treatments within 2 weeks are recommended


create a
stabilising hyaluron depot). If
hyaluronic acid is introduced selectively, the cross-linked hyaluron can

a longer lasting
depending on the type and depth of the wrinkles


* Errors and omissions excepted, similar to illustrations

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very good

Tolles Teil


Super Teil, super Qualität richtig Power das Teil! Damit bekomme ich auch das feste Hyaluron rein.

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